Our group thoroughly enjoyed a short visit in Assisi and wish we had more time in this town! 

This town has a very small population and is located on a hill. We arrived at night and had to hike up this hill to get to our hotel. The nightlife was the complete opposite from Rome and Assisi as we arrived at 9:30 pm to silent streets. 
This next morning our group was in complete awe of the stone buildings, wooden shutters, arches, and personality of the town. We got to go into 4 cathedrals here, including St. Francis Basilica, which was absolutely beautiful!! We got to see work here by Cimabue and Giotto, artists we had studied. 
Our group had the afternoon to explore the town, which everyone took advantage of: finding hidden side streets, climbing up brick stairs, and going to see a castle at the top of the stairs. Mostly everyone got a great view one way or another viewing the Italian countryside from a high up view. It was breathtaking! 
Later that day after a short siesta, our group went to a nearby church to attend a service (with no specific religion targeted) where we sat in a beautiful room listening to nuns sing into a microphone hidden in another room. This was for the purpose of absorbing the song and what it means to you without having the whole show right in front of you. It was really powerful. 
We all had a really wonderful time in Assisi, and everyone hopes to go back someday! 

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